• Friendships make a big difference

Your Friendships Make a Big Difference

Who are you spending time with? Who are you allowing to pour into your life? I just want to encourage y’all… not to look at people and think you’re better than them, so you can’t be friends, but instead [...]

  • Don't let your emotions be your guide

Don’t Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide

If you are allowing your emotions to be your guide, you have to be very careful because often they will lead you astray. When I make decisions, I've made it a habit to think, "I'm going to [...]

  • Obstacles vs Opportunities

Obstacles Versus Opportunities

Are you allowing the obstacles of life to hold you in place? If you are, you need to re-frame how you're viewing that obstacle! We always have an obstacle in front of us [...]

  • Stop multitasking to get more done

Stop Multitasking to Get More Done!

I am a firm believer we have done ourselves a huge disservice, especially women (men as well, but women in particular), in training ourselves, especially as we go in motherhood, work, and all those things, to multitask [...]

  • What is your success dependent on?

What is Your Success Dependent On?

We are so worried about what society says about us that we will lay aside what God says about us. Friend, your success is not dependent on what someone else thinks. Your success is dependent on [...]

  • Vlog Authenticity


When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin? Are you doing what you're feeling called to do or are you worried about what other people are expecting of you? Who are you giving your time away to? These questions are just a few that I use to [...]