Jessica Bettencourt, Successful Female Entrepreneur, Sitting and Smiling
Faith based women's speaker Jessica Bettencourt sitting and smiling

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Looking for an engaging speaker for your upcoming event? From topics like leadership to authenticity, Jessica has something to share that will inspire every audience. Over the past 13 years, Jessica has spoken hundreds of times at local, regional and corporate events. She is equally at ease speaking to a small group as she is in front of thousands – just don’t ask her to sing!

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Jessica Bettencourt in Formal Clothing and Shoes speaking at an event


Helping women reach their full potential.


Setting boundaries can set you free.

Adoption Advocate Jessica Bettencourt with her Adopted Oriental Daughter


Encouraging women to advocate for the orphans.

Relatable Christian Women's Speaker Jessica Bettencourt


Inspiring women to believe in themselves.

Jessica Bettencourt is a premier women's Christian speaker, Author, Adoption Advocate, and Entrepreneur


Pointing women to their identity in Christ.

Christian Women's Ministry Event Speaker Jessica Bettencourt


Showing women how to give without holding back.

See What Other Women are Saying

Jill D. Headshot

By listening to Jessica speak, I have felt challenged and motivated to put up stronger boundaries in my life so that I can live each day to the fullest, reaching my goals and not being distracted by things that don’t bring me joy!

Jill D.
Jessica Bettencourt and Kelly M.

Jessica has helped me become confident by showing me leadership skills with a servant heart.

Kelly M.
Cindy S. Headshot

I love to hear Jessica speak because not only is she hilarious but also, in every word she speaks, you can hear Gods voice. She is so obedient to let God use her as His vessel so that His message is what is being shared!

Cindy S.
Trina H. Headshot

There is such joy in hearing Jessica speak. She speaks from the heart with conviction, purpose and passion. She’s a natural. People listen. Her authenticity and magnetic personality make her a captivating speaker and coach. I never tire of listening to her speak.

Trina H.
Melissa K. Headshot

Jessica is such an inspirational leader with a heart of gold. Every time I hear her speak, I learn something.

Melissa K.
Heather N. Headshot

I can say, without hesitation, that the two most impactful conversations of my adult life were conversations I had with Jessica, six years apart. In both conversations, I casually mentioned a goal I had, and then promptly laughed off said goal, deeming it impossible. Each time, Jessica was quick to catch my self-doubt and immediately challenged me on my limiting beliefs. “You need to think bigger,” she said. “Let’s hash this out together.”

Fuzzy, warm “think bigger” statements are easy to deliver. But the second part – the “hashing it out” is what sets Jessica apart as a leader. She challenged me to first believe that I was capable, and then, through the power of her own wisdom and experiences, helped me formulate goals and action steps to make my once-doubtful dreams a concrete, wildly successful achievement.

Heather N.