I mentioned earlier this week over on the ‘gram that I am loving all things fall this year. It’s a pleasant surprise because normally this is when I start getting grumpy and hard to live with. I know y’all find that hard to believe, but I’m not always little Miss Sunshine.

Here are a few things I’m enjoying this fall:

  • Fireside chats with my 15 year old son. It’s funny how fire will bring your children around.
  • S’mores! They speak for themselves, but have you tried them with Reese’s cups instead of just chocolate? Don’t worry about sending a thank you card, I know you appreciate me!
  • Cool mornings, sitting outside with a warm cup of coffee.
  • Comfy sweaters and my favorite jeans! Do you have a favorite brand of jeans? I love the Wit and Wisdom brand from Nordstrom.
  • Honeycrisp apples, apple cider and apple fritters. Who am I kidding, I enjoy apple fritters all year long.
  • Fall festivals. Are you a festive festival goer or do you prefer to stay home? I go for the food and stay for the crafty finds. I’m all about a good festival.
  • Pumpkins on my porch. I just love them.
  • Mums on my porch. I love them too but I seem to kill them. (Michael says they require water! #whatever)
  • I love to walk on crunchy leaves but I also fear a snake is going to be below them. Have you ever even thought about that? Now you will, sorry!

So what caused me to “turn over a new leaf” this year? (Trying to be punny there—did it work?) It was a conversation I had with my son. We were talking about making the best of every situation. About 10 minutes after that conversation, I remarked to a friend, “I just don’t love fall.” It struck me. I’m coaching my child to look for the positive, find good in tough circumstances, have a positive attitude and be mentally tough. And then I turn around and declare that I didn’t like an entire season. With this mindset, no wonder I never really enjoy fall.

Here’s the crazy thing, it’s not even that I don’t like fall. It’s more that the ease of summer is over and I dread the cold of winter. Seriously, the weather! I’m letting weather, something I have zero control over, determine my mood. Sounds crazy when you type it out in black and white!! So just because I don’t love the cold of winter, I’m actually ruining two seasons…that’s half of my life every single year.

Sadly, I talk to people who do this to themselves all the time, and it’s rarely about the weather. You see, I can’t do anything about the weather where I live. I could move, and we’ve considered it, but we always decide it doesn’t make sense. What are you deciding you don’t like but are willing to tolerate? What is out of your control that you are allowing to ruin your day? What’s in your control that you are choosing not to change?

As simple as it sounds, if you will change the dialogue you have around your circumstances, you will see things from a different perspective. If you approach things with a positive attitude, you will find the good in your life that you are currently clouding with negativity. This might sound crazy or oversimplified, but I believe it really is that simple. Decide to be happy. Either change your circumstances or choose to be happy in them. Fall is coming every year, whether I like it or not—how much better will my days be if I find the good in this season? I want that for you too, friend. Seasons come and go, and some are easier than others. With the right mindset and a decision to be positive, you can make the most of your current season.

I’d love to hear from you, unless you’re being grumpy about fall! If that’s the case, you can just keep that nonsense to yourself!

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