Women's Christian Motivational Speaker Jessica Bettencourt Standing and Smiling
Women's Christian Motivational Speaker Jessica Bettencourt Standing and Smiling

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Jessica is a self-made millionaire – but you would never know it. Matter of fact, she didn’t even know it, she had to ask her husband what that was. She is completely down to earth but also classy and charming. She is a natural story-teller, brimming with humor, her talk will leave you feeling both motivated and inspired. She has a unique southern charm combined with a hard hitting message of confidence and grit. Jessica is captivating and impactful, she thrives on audience participation and loves a good question and answer session. She loves to say “you can’t stump me” but she also says one her best answers is “I don’t know, let’s find out together!”

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Jill D. Headshot

By listening to Jessica speak, I have felt challenged and motivated to put up stronger boundaries in my life so that I can live each day to the fullest, reaching my goals and not being distracted by things that don’t bring me joy!

Jill D.
Jessica Bettencourt and Kelly M.

Jessica has helped me become confident by showing me leadership skills with a servant heart.

Kelly M.
Cindy S. Headshot

I love to hear Jessica speak because not only is she hilarious but also, in every word she speaks, you can hear Gods voice. She is so obedient to let God use her as His vessel so that His message is what is being shared!

Cindy S.
Trina H. Headshot

There is such joy in hearing Jessica speak. She speaks from the heart with conviction, purpose and passion. She’s a natural. People listen. Her authenticity and magnetic personality make her a captivating speaker and coach. I never tire of listening to her speak.

Trina H.
Melissa K. Headshot

Jessica is such an inspirational leader with a heart of gold. Every time I hear her speak, I learn something.

Melissa K.