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I Almost Cancelled

I Almost Cancelled


Jessica Bettencourt knows what it’s like to face rejection, feel like she doesn’t belong, and second-guess big decisions. But she also knows that we have to face fear and risk failure to live out our calling. In I Almost Cancelled, Jessica shares how one scary decision after another led to a life she couldn’t even imagine. Her storytelling and southern charm will have you laughing at times and crying at others. She shows you step by step how to overcome self-doubt and build the life you’ve always wanted-not the life others tell you to want.

I Almost Cancelled

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Overcome self doubt & Build The Life You’ve Always Wanted

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I Almost Canceled

Author Interview

Join me as I sit down with my good friend Heather Nianouris for a fun conversation about my new book “I Almost Cancelled: Showing Up When Fear Tells You to Stay Home”!

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