Christian female entrepreneur sitting and smiling holding a coffee mug
Christian female entrepreneur sitting and smiling holding a coffee mug


Meet Jessica


I am a successful entrepreneur. I have built two multi-million dollar businesses, and I lead and coach over 10,000 female entrepreneurs. Through business, I found a passion to encourage women to pursue their dreams. Through years of coaching, I’ve learned the number one key indicator of success is self-confidence. Confidence is learned, it is a mind-set. Let me help you build a mindset of “Yes I can!” This is the first step in maximizing your potential and building the life you really want to live.

Faith and family are my biggest focus. I believe being successful at home sets you up to be successful everywhere. I have been married to my best friend for 25 years and I am charged with raising four little humans, one not so little anymore. If anything can rock your confidence, sending one off to college and questioning if you have done everything you can to help them to be successful will certainly knock you off your game. Thankfully I know God loves them and He has them all covered. l have walked out my faith through a 17-year prayer journey to adopt our youngest and I continue to advocate for orphans across the globe.

I’m a southern girl that loves big hair, cute shoes, ice tea, and a great pair of jeans. I’m a skincare girl and I believe a little lip gloss goes a long way! If you want to see what I’m lovin’ these days… check out the recommendation corner in my newsletter.

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