Halloween is coming… do you love it or hate it? I’m going to share something with you that just might surprise you about me. I love to make a great homemade costume! Over the years, I’ve gotten a reputation for not liking to do anything that requires more than three steps. I don’t like to read directions, I don’t like to follow a recipe and if something feels like a ton of effort, I will find a fast short cut and make it happen. EXCEPT when it comes to costume making!

If you want to be an inch worm, I can help. I’ve made that costume. We need some bright green paint, a yard stick and a dryer vent. There’s a few other supplies but let’s start there. How about a waffle with a pad of butter and dripping syrup? Yes, I got you covered. Do you know what a rainbow loom is? My middle son wanted to be that one year! Glory days. I was in heaven making that costume.

Now whether you are a “trunk or treater” or a “harvest partier” or perhaps a traditional “all things scary” halloween type of mom, I’m here for you. I’m not judging anyone for anything when it comes to how you like to collect free candy. For the kids, of course. But here’s what you need to know…I do judge costumes. Store bought, fine. Homemade, fine. As long as you are at least dressed up as something.

Now, you need to understand. I’m not “judgey judgey” when it comes to Halloween. I don’t care what age the trick-or-treater is. If you are pulling your 3 month old in a wagon and big daddy is willing to walk to the door and get candy, I say more power to you. If a group of 17 year old boys wanna ring my doorbell and let me ask them about their favorite type of candy as I dig through to find what I hope they enjoy the most, that’s great too. But if you are going to go out…dress up! Come on…you have to.

Now let me be clear. I don’t dress up. I have only gone to three costume parties that I can remember. Once as Felicity Shagwell with Michael as Austin Powers. Once as a police officer with Michael as my jailbird, and of course the classic “peace out” night as two hippies. I’m not saying you need to dress up, but dress those kiddos up as something. And you don’t have to be winning awards with your costumes, better yet…don’t even try to be the best on the block. Just have fun with it. You will look back on the memories and be so happy you put some effort behind those costumes.

Last but not least, mommas, be easy on yourself. The truth is, you can have grand plans for the world’s greatest costume, and then that little stinker of yours starts complaining of it itching before you even get out of the driveway. It’s happened to all of us. Last year my youngest wouldn’t even consider a homemade costume, she had to be a superhero— and not even a cute one. Trust me, we all want to look like super mom with our kiddos looking the most adorable, but that’s a lot of pressure. So whether you lay down or pick up those glue guns, let your littles be whatever they want to be and let’s go get some candy—for the kids of course!

What’s your favorite halloween candy? Mine is Whoppers, and I love a Mounds bar. If you get any, let me know, I’ll trade ya!

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