I have probably enjoyed quarantine/social distancing/isolation/whatever you want to call it more than anyone really should, but to be honest, there have been so many great things that have come from this time.

First, I don’t want to diminish the many hardships this time has caused. We have faced many ourselves. We haven’t really shared much about the closing of our business and the very painful, slow process of opening it back up, but we understand the economic strain this has caused. It’s caused strain for us, and we have walked it out with many of our employees. So before I talk about the blessings and someone thinks I’ve lost touch with reality living over here on Easy Street, let me just acknowledge how tough it has been for many. Way tougher for some than others. I can’t imagine the hardship of getting the virus, I can’t begin to imagine the pain for those who lost loved ones. My heart breaks for the single mommas trying to do it all. Everyone’s circumstances are different, hard in different ways. And if it could have never happened, I would turn back the clock for sure. But because it did happen, I am trying to find the good in it!

As a mom of a 2020 senior, the Valedictorian no less (shameless plug for my smart boy)… the disappointment of how senior year ended is so real, but the biggest blessing of all for me was getting to enjoy Camden more. If his senior year had been normal, we would have gotten to see him play tennis, which would have been awesome, but he also would have been gone a lot. During the stay at home order, we all got to enjoy his gentle nature and kind ways. He is such a good big brother to his siblings, and watching the daily interactions was a blessing to me. We had great discussions about the current climate we are living in, his plans for college, and we had time to mentally prepare for him to be on his own.

TIME…it really was a gift of time. It was a time to reflect on the busyness of life and to re-evaluate what is truly important. It took away carpool duty and gave me back face-to-face time with Quincy and Kyle, my 6th grader and freshman. My little one Carson takes a lot of my attention. Having nowhere to go and nothing to do was a blessing that allowed me to refocus my energy on what truly matters, time with my children.

RESET…it was a gift to wipe the slate clean, to decide what we don’t really value or need in our lives, and to look at things from a different perspective. It was a time to think outside the box, look for creative ways to use our time, and make decisions about our future.

PRAYER…it was a conscious decision to realign my heart to hear more clearly from my Heavenly Father. A time to focus on the discipline of being in the Word, discussing what we were learning as a family, and focusing on our prayer lives. I am the first to admit, I pray on the go. I pray a lot while I’m driving, while I’m exercising, or while I’m getting Carson ready for bed, but that is when my mind is divided. I needed to focus, be still, listen.

I’m sure there are other great things that have come during this time. Family dinner has always been a priority for us, but I noticed the kids lingered longer around the table. Laughter, so much laughter as each child seemed to learn more about one another and inside jokes became the norm. Disagreements that led to good discussions and a better understanding of one another.

Am I ready for the world to open up again? I think I am. Am I OK if it takes just a bit longer? Minus the hardship it’s causing on others, yes, I can be patient with the process.

I’m curious what hidden blessings you have discovered during this time? Maybe you will take a minute to share…I’d love to hear from you, and I know you’ve got time on your hands!!

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