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I’m so excited that you are here on my blog. If you know me, thanks for stopping by! If you stumbled upon this blog, I appreciate you spending a few minutes with me. I am honored to share some inspiration and encouragement that you can take with you.

Trust Your Instincts

Do you have a dream, a goal, or a desire on your heart that you're not quite sure if you should pursue because so many people are telling you reasons why you shouldn't? If you are letting all the naysayers influence you, [...]

It’s Time to Vote for YOU!

In this season of strong opinions, it can be easy to allow all the noise to influence who we are and what we think about ourselves.  Can I encourage [...]

Let’s Talk About Adoption

I hear from people, mostly women, “I always wanted to adopt but it was just never the right time,” or “I always wanted to adopt but my husband didn’t [...]

Ready or Not, Go to the Party!

This is a big big week in my world. It’s the International Convention for my direct sales business. This year it’s virtual because, well, Covid. Normally I would be [...]

How to Say No and When to Say Yes

Set Good Boundaries...Seriously! In my younger days, I found myself running ragged all the time. People would ask me to do something and I would always say yes. YES, [...]

The Hidden Blessings of Quarantine

I have probably enjoyed quarantine/social distancing/isolation/whatever you want to call it more than anyone really should, but to be honest, there have been so many great things that have [...]

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! The word labor conjures up different ideas depending on your stage of life. If you are a young expectant mother, it has a very different meaning [...]

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